Comparing a Veterinary Office to DDA…

For the past month, it has seemed as though there is something wrong with my cat, Tink. She’s only 1 1/2 years old so I found it hard to comprehend what could be wrong with her. Nothing has changed that would make her ill or to alter her habits. I tried not to let it bother me as she was still acting like herself and she still had her normal, good appetite. Well, over the weekend my instincts that something was wrong were raised and I waited for the vet to reopen from the holiday and called to make an appointment. Today, I will be leaving during my lunch to take Tink to the vet to give myself piece of mind and correct anything that may be wrong.

The same can be said for those clients that come to DDA. You know something needs to be done with your website, or video, or print pieces. Eventually you decide that it is time to do something and you come to DDA. First you meet the vet, at DDA that would be David and Elizabeth along with your particular project coordinator. In the background, are all the vet techs running around — designers, programmers, optimization specialists, videographers — making sure that everything is processed, ready for when the vet needs it.

Though when coming to DDA, you should never have the nervous stomach that I am experiencing now at the thought of going to the vet.