Competing for Keywords

With millions and millions of websites available on every topic out there, how can you possible compete on the Web? While DDA’s search engine optimization services are designed to give you research into search trends, keyword research, and our content development services – we still need to limit how your website targets search engines. For instance, let’s say you are a medical center that specializes in treating cancer. A search on Google for the term “cancer” yields over 30 million results, and you’ll find the top results are all major organizations with massive websites, and it’s clear that a Pay Per Click campaign will cost a fortune given the amount of sponsored links that show. So what we need to do is find your medical center’s niche, the thing that you specialize in the most, and target that. The phrase “lung cancer” shows a result of over 11 million sites – so we’re getting there. If we narrow that even more to “lung cancer treatment center” – there are just over 3 million websites. And if you’re medical center is based in Pennsylvania, “lung cancer treatment center Pennsylvania” yields just over 1 million sites.

As you can see, the more specific we get with the keyword phrase, the better chance you will have of competing. DDA Search Engine Marketing (SEM) spends time doing this kind of research to tell you where you can compete, what keywords are often searched for, what users are looking for, and more to give you a solid understanding of exactly how you can compete in an overwhelming market. We will basically help you find that niche that makes you important. Then we will design and develop a website that is search engine friendly, has a significant amount of content to help you compete with other websites, targets the right keywords, and overtime we continually update and improve your site to continue developing high search engine rankings.