Controlling Traffic

On this day (December 10th) back in 1868, the first ever traffic lights were installed. They were situated outside the British Houses of Parliament in London. With their semaphore arms, they were more reminiscent of railway signals than modern day traffic lights, but they did have red and green lamps for night use, albeit gas lamps.

Here at DDA, we also have the power to control traffic. That is, the traffic to your website. We have been in the field of Search Engine Marketing since 1996 and this year we were the winner of the Ten most dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms of the United States. We vehemently champion natural (aka Organic) Search Engine Optimization, and not surprisingly, we are also pretty damn good at it. We believe this should not only be the cornerstone of your SEM effort, but the cornerstone of your entire marketing presence.

You could have the best looking website on the planet, but if no one can find it then it may as well not exist. You need to control your traffic to get the most out of your website. Which leads me back to that first ever traffic light. As I mentioned,  it had gas lamps, which led to one unfortunate side effect — it exploded 23 days later.

Build your site with DDA and unlike that signal, your traffic exploding will be exactly the side effect you were hoping for.

traffic light