In 1994, when DDA was first beginning, convergence, in the advertising and marketing industry, meant something like the meeting of two points. By 1998 it had taken on a whole new meaning. Convergence had become the notion that all digital advertising technologies were slowly gravitating and evolving into one large homogeneous melting pot of knowledge, skills, crafts and capabilities.

Convergence was meaningful to DDA from “Day One” because it had been our mission, and goal to be exceptional at all things digital and all things advertising. Probably best exemplified by the corporate name of Dynamic Digital Advertising. This naming having taken place in an era when most advertising agencies were named after personal names or municipalities. DDA used to say, we were digital before digital was cool and remember, Digital is our middle name. We even had a competitor rename their firm to All Digital because we annoyed them with our buzzword-infused persona. Forgive the gossip, but as I remember the rest of the soap opera-like story, All Digital was owned by a couple, she found a new mate at an online dating site, they got divorced and the All Digital went out-of-business.

While there has been over the years some slight drift towards Interactive Agencies, instead of traditional advertising agencies, and some movement toward more complete service offerings in general, advertising and creative service agencies still typically offer a very fragmented list of services. Some focus on website design and may branch out into flash animation or light ecommerce development. A group may do print design and dabble in website design as well. Photographers and Video production companies are likely to do little else and custom programmers and software developers most likely don’t even dream of offering graphic design or creative advertising service.

Despite the term and its general lack of implementation by our industry, DDA feels that convergence is not only more relevant than ever before, today it is a critically important and sorely needed concept. DDA is routinely building very customized websites that are built from the ground up as highly optimized search engine marketing platforms, that offer exceptional website design, corporate identity and branding, marketing consulting, keyword-enhanced and marketing-rich copy writing, integrated video, high resolution commercial digital photography, state-of-the-art website architecture development, e-commerce and other custom application programming functionality, intranet enabled portals, illustrations and/or 2D flash animations for product demonstrations, 3D CGI product prototyping, post-launch optimization search engine marketing, metrics for review and refinement, and of course hosting.

DDA was recently named as one of the Top Ten Search Engine Marketing Firms in the US by Goldline Research. This is a very prestigious, unsolicited award that we are extremely proud to have received. What was stunning about the award, aside from being chosen from among hundreds of thousands of other search engine marketing firms, was the fact that we were the only organization they contacted, researched and interviewed that offered the entire spectrum of digital advertising and marketing services.

While Goldline was surprised that a firm like DDA even existed, we (apparently) successfully made the case during the interview process that Search Engine Marketing needed to be a start-to-finish website development process that begins with research and competitive intelligence, continues with website architecture, navigation and design, and concludes with content development, search engine optimization, search marketing, metrics, hosting and continual refinement. Additionally, services such as usability analysis, integrated video and conversion refinement serve to translate the traffic generated for our clients into prospects, customers, and investors. Thus further improving their ROI and enhancing their bottom line.

All of the above mentioned services and technologies are performed in-house by full-time, degreed and experienced DDA staff. Many advertising and marketing services and technologies not mentioned are also on DDA’s menu.

When Goldline sent us the Top Ten Listing we discovered that they had described DDA in the announcement in the following way: DDA eclipses all other advertising agencies in the nation for the broadest range of advanced and comprehensive digital advertising technologies and services offered.

Their words not ours, and we believe them!