Corporate and Medical Video Production

Whether you are looking for a video animation or a website spokesperson video for your company’s next project, DDA can create an amazing video for you.  With so many video capabilities, I have listed the ABC’s of corporate and medical videos… well almost ABC’s there are a few letters missing, it’s hard to find terms that start with letters like J, Q,X and Y.

Animated shorts, audio editing, audio effects

Broadcast quality videos, basic lighting, blue screens

Casting services, conceptual marketing, composite video

Digital recording, dvd video production, digital video interface

EDL edit decision list, encode, educational videos

Film production, full service video production, flash animation

Green screen, generation, gaffer

High definition video, horizontal resolution, horizontal sync

Interactive CD, interface design, interlacing

Key light

Linear video editing, live recording, looping

Media file conversion, motion capture, multimedia videos

Narration, nonlinear editing, new product launch videos

On-screen text, overdubbing, overlay

Production studio, product launch videos, playback

Real time recording, resolution, residual color

Screen play development, script development, special effects

Technical product videos, telecine, testimonial videos


Video production, video shooting, visual recording

Webcasting, webmercials, white balance

Zoom lens