Deadlines and Holiday Seem to go Hand-in-Hand

The rule is that we have to have our blog in by 9 a.m. but lately my days have been full of items that need to be addressed promptly and after that I get in my groove and keep going, which leads to neglecting my blog. So here I am again, late with my post.

As an extended holiday weekend approaches we are all working feverishly to ensure that any and all loose ends are tied up and that everything is in a comfortable place. My day has been spent processing invoices, doing project coordination, and production supervision. Deadlines are quickly approaching that must be met.

I am sure that I am not alone. The holidays bring a sense of urgency out in everyone. Our video artists, animators, web developers, programmers, writers, and designers are all being as productive as possible to make certain that we all get to enjoy the holiday without interruption.