Deadlines Keep Sneaking Up

The weather is changing, the flowers are blooming, and companies need marketing materials now! Here at DDA we pride ourselves on being able to meet our clients deadlines, as long as they are reasonable.

If someone were to call today and say that they need a 10′ pop-up booth for a show next week that would not be a reasonable time frame. There are many steps to designing and producing the level of quality work that DDA provides.

First, a kick-off meeting should be held so that everyone (client and company) can make sure they are on the same page for the project. Second, a designer will create a few different designs for the project and allow the client to select which version best meets their style and needs. Third, the design needs to be put together and approved by the client. Next, the files will be sent to production and a proof will be created their for final approval. Once approval is received on the production departments proof, we can proceed with production. Typical production time is around 5-7 business days plus shipping.

All of these steps take time, more time than what is available in one or two weeks.