Distance Learning Programs Make High Education More Appealing

Ever since I graduated from college, I have wanted to go return for my Masters. Every year I look into the programs that are offered at local universities and try to find a way to fit the programs into my schedule. This seems to be an impossible task. So, each year the idea gets put back on the shelf to be reevaluated at a later date.

Each time I revisit this idea, I am increasingly interested in the number of distance learning programs that are offered and the conveniences their virtual learning environments offer.

  • The ability for a student to meet with an instructor in real-time using a web cam and VoIP opens up the possibilities for teacher-student interaction.
  • The ability to capture class meetings to be viewed at a later date and time by the students. This can only benefit the progress that students make.

Providing an environment where teachers and students are able to meet and discuss ideas, theories, and projects at their leisure via electronic communication is surely a benefit for many. The benefits this could pose for businesses is endless.