Keeping Ontop of Print

DDA likes to keep things a simple as can be for our clients. For that reason it is only natural that we offer print services on pieces that we design.

The print industry is its own world with terms and processes that are foreign to many. It takes time to understand how everything functions, and just when you think you understand something, it’s bound to change, either because of technology or because of the type of project.

Print projects range from pop-up tradeshow booths, to banner stands, to vinyl banners, to catalogs, to brochures, to sell sheets and postcards. These are all of the more recognizable items that are offered by DDA. We can also meet any other needs you may have.

Each of these items are different. They require different specs for the designer and a different print process to achieve the final product.

In my years at DDA, I have become much more knowledgeable of the print industry than I was prior. It was not something that I was admittedly not interested in when I started, but as time progressed I have developed an interest in how everything comes together.

I enjoy having the ability to explain the process to a client so that they have an understanding of what their project will entail, because if everyone is on the same page than the project will move along much smoother.