Make it Snappy

Tradeshows can be a viable source for new business if you approach them the right way.

In today’s world, everyone is too busy for everything, so you need something catchy to get them to stop and lend you a couple of minutes. Attending a tradeshow with just sales people and a table does not cut it anymore. You need to give your sales people a “stage” to perform on.

An attractive booth can consist of various items depending on the environment you wish to create. First, you need to rent your space at a show. Obviously the larger space will cost more but it will also give you more space to layout your “stage.”

You must make your space more compelling and attractive than everyone else’s in order to get more attention and make your name unforgettable. Next, DDA can work with you on all aspects of getting your booth ready for the show, from designing pop-up booths, bannerstands, and vinyl banners to handling all paper work for the show and making sure everything makes it on-site on time.

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