Organizing the Organizers

Everyone is different in the manner that we keep ourselves organized. There are many ways that people choose to organize their work stations. Some have hand-written lists; some create an outline of priorities; others just try to remember as much as they can. Personally, I rely on Excel. If it can be listed, categorized, or alphabetized I will put it into Excel or some table format.

I guess my strategy for organization is what led to me obtaining my newest roll at DDA. Now in addition to search engine marketing, invoicing, and print estimating, I am a Production Coordinator.

This newest title places me in a position to organize the organizers. I oversee the daily communications and requests between clients and our Project Coordinators. I am responsible for making sure deadlines don’t slip by and that tasks are distributed as evenly as possible throughout our team.

This is all a great deal to absorb and I am still adjusting. So far, so good!