Smartphones are the Future

As Smartphones are becoming more widely used by the public, mobile advertising is becoming the wave of the future. Numbers vary depending where you get your information but roughly 52% of Smartphones users have acted on an advertisement they saw in an App and 18% have made a purchase directly from an ad within an App. In addition 53% of users say they are willing to share their location in order to receive more relevant advertisements and close to 75% said they would prefer to download a free, advertisement-supported App rather than pay a fee upfront.

This is great news for social gaming Apps that offer special deals to users based on their location. This is even greater to Apple, who will release their mobile App advertising platform, iAds, this summer with the iPhone 4.0 OS.

With the growing dependency on mobile devices it is no surprise that items such as the iPad are selling in such high volume. More and more sites are starting to make the transition to iPad-optimized versions of their sites to accommodate the million-plus units that have sold since the launch. For instance, Amazon launched their latest mobile App, which is iPhone and iPad friendly.

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