The Importance of a Tasklist

It seems like everyones days are always so jam packed busy that the only way to survive is to have a list of sorts to keep yourself organized. Here at DDA we all have a daily tasklist to keep us organized, some rely on it more than others. As production coordinator I see everyone’s tasklist every day and you can tell who rely’s on their list and what does not. Some are very structured and constantly updated, while others are very minimal and seem as though they are maintained purely because it is a requirment of the job.

Outside of DDA I have a few personal “tasklists”. One for what needs to be done or scheduled appointments and another for my fiance (because he cannot seem to organize himself), and one just for organizing our wedding. My personal tasklist used to be managable, and then my fiance and I decided to buy a house. I have a feeling my tasklist will never be quite as simple as it once was. Planning a wedding is something I don’t think I could do without enlisting a purchased tasklist that helps me keep everything in order, there is so much involved.