The Power of Advertising

One of the electrical supply houses that my fiancee’s company uses for their material took a group of 60 people from different companies to Puerto Rico for 6 days and 5 nights. When we first received the information about the resort we would be staying at I immediately searched Google to the resort’s website. The site and the brochures that they sent were all very impressive. We were very excited to be staying at this 5-star resort for the duration of the trip.

Upon arrival the majority of my excitement dissipated. On the surface, the hotel was very nice, but as we sat in the lobby I couldn’t help myself but to notice all of the imperfections in the craftsmanship of the hotel. The website and brochures had shown sunny, white sand beaches with clear water. It was more like dark tan sand beaches with turquoise water. The website and brochures also showed entertainment and activities. There was no entertainment, everything within the resort closed after dinner, and the activities were very costly and usually about 2-3 hours away from the resort. I can only imagine what a cab fare would be for a 3-hour ride. We took a 1-hour cab ride and it was $80 each way. And everything was significantly overpriced.

All of the resorts promotional material was quite misleading. DDA creates websites and promotional material that is truthful and informative. If you have to mislead people to achieve your goals, you are doing something wrong elsewhere.