Tradeshow Madness

What does your tradeshow booth say about your company? At a tradeshow, your booth is your first impression to potential clientèle. You should be able to attract attendees and encourage them to purchase your products or services with ease.

So needless to say, a booth with a six-foot table and a table cover will most likely convert to a few select leads with a good sales person on site. On the other hand, a booth with custom designed banners, tablecovers, video, graphics and a great sales person will convert a greater number of leads simply because your booth will be making a solid first impression.

Along with the design and development of your booths presentation there are many components “behind the scenes” of exhibiting at a tradeshow. There are numerous rules and regulations that you must follow; these differ between locations.

Many shows require approvals and samples prior to allowing your booth be displayed. How are you going to get everything to the show and then back into your possession? DDA can help you with all of these items. We would be glad to organize your tradeshows for you.