Culture Shock

Well, the holiday weekend was great. Lots of fresh air and relaxing in the middle of nowhere. We had an excellent time on the farm as usual. This year, farm chores were fairly light, as it’s an infrastructure year, but there was still some work to be done. Part of that included digging for potatoes for one of our meals and making horseshoe pits, which was more about fun than hard work. But I will tell you, I was on brush clearing duty and using those loppers can be quite strenuous when dealing with weeds and roots that don’t to come out.

Now, we’re home again, and as always, even after just a few days of country living, I get a little bit of culture shock. For three days I didn’t worry about my cell phone, stare at a TV, or go anywhere near a computer. It was bliss. It’s weird how now that I’m back in the real world, I don’t think I could function without these essentials. Chew on that for a second. There I was in the middle of nowhere with no need for any kind of electronic/communication device. Yet now, I’m surrounded by people, technology, modern culture, and you can be sure that I checked to make sure my cell phone was with me this morning, and if my laptop were to not be operating this evening, I’d be at a loss. Crazy how that works.

At DDA, we’re more than adept at modern culture, we’re innovators, which means we’re always planning, developing, and designing that latest and greatest in nearly all mediums, from virtual medical simulations and custom programming applications to video production and website design and development. Now with conversion and development services from our new division, AppleSavvy, your Flash videos, animations, banners, and more can be viewable on an iPhone and iPad. Plus, with our search engine marketing (SEM) services, it doesn’t matter how far out in the middle of nowhere someone is, they’re sure to find you.

With all of that technology, it’ll only take one day at DDA to get over my culture shock.