Customer Service at its Finest!

When we moved into our house just before Christmas there was not much that we wanted to change with the landscaping.

As the weather gets nicer, we keep finding things that we want to change. We have removed a garden area and yard space in order to widen the driveway, took down a large Holly tree on the side of the house, and just completed pulling the English Ivy from a large portion of the front yard.

We are slowly making the space ours, rather than someone else’s. Next on our list is to have the large, over-grown, diseased Spruce tree that stands 15 feet outside our front door taken down and hauled away. As we search for the best price, I am amazed at the lack of customer service that these tree service companies offer.

On Friday, an estimator from one of these companies came to my house. As he was inspecting the tree and doing what it is they do to price taking a tree down, he kept asking me questions about the other estimates that we had received. I was not going to lie to him so I told him what the ballpark price was of the estimates. As I said the price he stopped everything he was doing, looked at me and said that he could not beat that price so he was not going to give me an estimate. With that, he got back in his truck and pulled away.

Customer service is usually someone’s first impression of a company. At DDA, we put our prospective and existing clients at the top of the list. We take pride in our quick turn-around time for estimates as well as our attention to detail. DDA offers an array of services to meet your marketing and advertising needs. Whether you are looking for website design, video, illustration, print design and production, or SEO services we can answer your questions and meet you deadlines.