DDA Barometer

When DDA designs and develops an optimized website for a client, whether in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or anywhere across the world, that website ultimately and invariably becomes a barometer of activity for a marketplace, topic, disease, business niche or industry. Here’s why.

Highly optimized website design by Dynamic Digital Advertising results in the ability for our clients to create a virtual magnet that attracts a pretargeted group of searchers on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. Think of online activity as an electrical energy system that buzzes around topics, discussions, products, industries, events, etc. Hence the term “BUZZ”. When an optimized website design by DDA launches and matures it attracts that piece of energy by building rankings on portals of human activity, better known as search engines.

Nothing in advertising and marketing and the world of commerce is more powerful, more engaging, more cost effective. Why? Because it is the individual searcher that is in control. He or she wants to find information or a product or a discussion and he or she is in control, focused on their need and pleased when they find…our client’s website.

Simple, direct, powerful!