Being a Part of DDA Firsts

This morning I was asked to use my proofreading skills and read through the updated “firsts” entries on the DDA website, I worked my magic and found just a few corrections and sent my email on its way to my co-worker in charge of revisions. Then I was intrigued and decided to scroll up to the tippy top and quickly scan through the accomplishments of DDA over the years.

Having been with DDA for almost 13 years now, I was able to read through the list of firsts and remember when these projects actually happened. It was interesting as well to watch the list grow from one sentence to describe 1994 to eight lengthy paragraphs about 2008 projects. I have to admit that being part of a company with so many firsts has been pretty cool. One of the first Search Engine Optimization Companies in 1996, one of the first Animation Studios in PA in 1997, one of the first PowerPoint Generators in 2006; the list goes on and on.

I, myself, have also been part of a few firsts at DDA. I was possibly one of the first search engine optimization specialists in PA, the first blonde around the office, the first DDA employee to be featured on a billboard design, the first DDA employee to be used as a website spokesperson an interactive medical website,  the first DDA employee to have a child… which grew from one child to three children over six years, which meant that I had the first DDA baby shower and coming up in a few months with be the first wedding with DDA employees as guests.

It is fun to take a trip down memory lane and it is exciting to think about how the lists of DDA firsts will continue to grow over the next few years. Looking back at the past 13 years gives me a sense of accomplishment and also makes me feel old!