DDA GAMES™: A Gamification Pioneer™

Considering something interactive, engaging, and immersive to help increase the bottom line of your business? What about trying to teach a complex medical skill by using the tools without the risk? Would you rather passively absorb information through text and flat graphics, or enter a new virtual world and learn all there is to know about it through choices you make and actions you take in real time? DDA Games believes strongly in user participation, and so it has developed gamified platforms for a variety of industries and applications, since 1996.

Gamified platforms incorporate interactive game-playing features into the design, mechanics, and strategies of an application, actively engaging the user in order to increase interest and improve efficiency in whatever is being experienced. DDA Games has been producing gamified projects since 1996, and with advances in device and software development technologies, coupled with the increasing desire for more hands-on learning opportunities, the number of gamified platforms produced by DDA are sure to continue to grow in the future. The Learn & Enjoy page highlights some of our work in developing original online interactive games and platforms.

By combining live video, animation, programming, interactive web development, mobile app development and more, DDA’s gamification techniques create memorable and engaging experiences for users of all kinds. Whether corporate companies want to train their employees using virtual role play scenarios, or medical professionals need to learn complex procedures in a safe, true-to-life environment, a gamified design can help you achieve your goals. DDA Games can even transform a simple eLearning platform with standard text and video into aVirtual Medical Simulation, empowering users to take control of their own learning through the operation of the application’s powerfully interactive and true-to-life features.


Learn more about how you can gamify your marketing, educational, or healthcare platforms; contact DDA Games today.