DDA Gets Back to You

I am very aggravated with one of the vendors I have been dealing with lately. They are a small flower shop that my family has used for many, many years and I felt safe with them handling an order for one of the most important days of my life. Everything was going fine until 2 weeks ago, when I tried to get ahold of the girl in charge of my order to send the balance due. After leaving several messages with various employees days later I was still waiting to hear back.

The final payment date came and went without me knowing how much we owed and seeing that I was upset my fiance had to get involved. “She will get back to you on Monday”, the receptionist said to him. Needless to say, now we are both aggravated. Monday is 5 days before the big day, but the contract states that final payment is due 10 days prior. This small company does not have email, a fax machine or even an answering machine so we are very frustrated.

Luckily, DDA has plenty of contact options and we always get back to our clients or prospective clients in a timely matter.

You can:

  • Email us through any of our seven divisions, DDA Corporate, DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA USA, DDA Apps, DDA SEM or DDA CMT
  • Use the interactive Build Your Own Video Quote system found on DDAVideo.com
  • Pick up the phone and talk to a live person everytime since we do not use a voicemail system

So if you are looking for website design, search engine marketing, programming, graphic design, copywriting, photography or any of the many digital services we offer, contact us today!