DDA: Making Interactive Attractive

This week I received an email from my dad asking if I stopped checking Facebook, because he sent me a friend request one week ago and I hadn’t confirmed yet. I explained that I barely use Facebook, so a one or two week response is about the norm. I was amused that my dad has embraced social networking more than me. But, little by little, I am being pulled into new ways of communicating, like texting, Facebook, and Twitter.  I used to find texting quite annoying until I got a cellphone with an qwerty keyboard, but now I’m seduced by the fun of playing with abbreviated words, and the convenience texting allows when talking on the phone would be rude in a quiet setting, or when it’s too difficult because I’m in a noisy environment. I’m slowly but surely being pulled into using Facebook more, to see people’s vacation photo albums, to touch base with far-away relatives, and feel connected with a larger community.

To make things worse, now I’m going to have to join Twitter, since my friend just jumped on that bandwagon to promote her business, and I don’t want to miss the latest! DDA hasn’t resisted these new forms of communication though. We’ve been creating unique interactive games as long ago as 2000, like Digi Islands, a virtual vacation community, and You Bet My Life, a forum to place bets and make wagers on news and popular culture. And of course, we blog, and we help clients set up blogs for their website to increase website optimization. Check out DDA’s Learn and Enjoy website to see many more examples of how we make the interactive attractive, or read more about our interactive services by visiting ddainteractive.com.