DDA Out and About

We don’t often get to leave DDA. I mean, I get to go home at night, but typically when it comes to client visits, they usually come to us. Not that we’re egotistical or can’t be bothered to leave or anything. It’s just that our offices and studios are pretty impressive and they’re staffed with all of the creative and technical people that make our custom programming, video production, website design and development, and search engine marketing (SEM) services happen.

It’s also difficult for us to get out of the building. Again, this is not literal, we don’t have chains on the doors or anything. It’s because everyone here is involved in some form of development, production, and/or marketing. Like right now, we have lots of highly interactive and complex projects, like virtual medical simulations, and time-intensive projects like live video streaming webcasts, making it hard to take time away from the day.

But today, we went on a visit, to explore a very interesting project with an existing client. It was fun to get out but now we’re back and once again working on producing all of those interactive and engaging projects we’re known for.