DDA Serves Clients Well

When someone asks, “What does DDA do?” it is not really accurate to simply say we are an advertising and marketing firm because depending on the level of knowledge that could be mean anything (and has) from “Oh you place ads in newspapers,” to “You do TV.” So we have to explain further that our services are geared to both the commercial and medical arenas.

For example, did you know that DDA hosts a very sensitive site for a government contractor? Or that we have a client who specializes in addiction rehabilitation that we have been working with for over a decade. And we do work for medical clients that require HIPAA compliance servers. In other words, these clients know that we are the guardians of sensitive patient information, a task we do well and take very seriously.

But we also do video and photography work for high-end clients who sell everything from cookie jars that talk to very expensive jewelry.

We support and maintain hundreds of websites designed and built by DDA. Most of these are also in our organic search engine optimization program, and have been for years. Today, we had a long time client tell us that of all the promotional money he has spent on billboards, TV and magazine ads, the website we designed years ago and continue to optimize (and are redoing as we speak) is his best source of customers and profit.

I could go on. But you get the picture. In this very iffy economic time, we are one of the steady, dependable vendors that can make you and your company compete effectively and profitably.