DDA Video™: Life and Business in Motion™


Teach, promote, and communicate with video productions addressed to your target audience and designed to enhance your brand. Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC (DDA) has a long history of pioneering work across multiple media of digital production, having created the first digital photography studio and one of the first digital video studios in the state of Pennsylvania. DDA Video has reinvented the possibilities of video for the future with a full-service digital video studio capable of producing high-end presentations for industries of all kinds. Create edited and highly stylized digital video in high definition for use in television, Internet broadcasts, apps, eLearning platforms, sales presentations, DVDs, and more.

With an experienced staff, the latest equipment, talented video designers, and a passion for motion, DDA Video™ offers heightened production quality at mainstream prices. DDA’s degreed, professional staff includes writers, graphic designers, video editors, video producers, animators, programmers, photographers, and videographers. DDA Video™ creates video that transforms straightforward footage into fully immersive experiences. This proprietary multidisciplinary approach, known at DDA as Interactive Integration™, creates dynamic multimedia presentations with a degree of interactivity not seen anywhere else. With DDA’s proprietary Onlivemation™ and synchronous media technologies as examples, presentations can combine real video, animation, and dynamic web and mobile application design.

And with DDA Video’s Actors’ Network of 60 professional actors, actresses, and voice-over artists, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect performer to represent your brand. DDA Video’s casting coordinators handle all scheduling and prep work with the actors for on-location and in-studio shoots and recordings. During the filming or recording process clients can provide direction in real-time via a live webcast, allowing for instant feedback to ensure the look, tone, pace, pronunciation, and more are just right.

Utilizing a comprehensive, holistic approach to video production, DDA Video™ creates more than just videos; DDA Video™ creates captivating, interactive experiences that engage, entertain, inform, and persuade. Contact us today to find out how you can delight your audience with services provided by DDA Video™.