DDA Video

I am a huge picture person, I have album after album of photos of my kids lined up on a bookcase. And nine times out of ten I have my camera in my purse because you just never know when a photo op may occur. Lately I have been taking short videos of my kids as well. Since my new computer has a DVD burner, I will be able to burn a disc of these short videos to show my kids when they are older. There are some things that a photo cannot capture, like the first time my son took off on his new bike without training wheels, his first football game and so on.

DDA Video offer a wide variety of video services in order to capture your company’s new product launch, video synched to powerpoint, technical products videos and more. Let’s face it, there are some things that are much easier explained via video than written word or photos. An instructional video or educational video is perfect for teaching complicated processes or services. Showing off your latest product is easy with a new product launch video created by DDA. We even offer video webcasting, video animations, infomercials, retail videos and medical videos.

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