DDA’s HOV Information Highway

Finding a good source for information can be a challenge. In our hurry to leave for Virginia last weekend, we did not think to bring a map. We did, however, have three gps’s, and two passengers’ opinions to try to resolve the differences between them. Any of the gps’s would have worked well, if we had a map to get us around the times when all of the gps’s wanted us to turn onto roads that didn’t exist.

Traffic became congested, and my friend felt stressed seeing the cars in the parallel lane speeding by. The cars were going so fast, compared to us, we couldn’t have deducted it was an HOV lane, because we couldn’t see any passengers in the cars at our slow speed. We didn’t see any signs confirming it was an HOV lane, or any signs indicating how we could get on it. Suspecting it was an HOV lane, we tried taking exits and asking people how to get on it, but didn’t find anyone who knew.

We got to our campsite late, missed the potluck, and had to set up our tents in the dark. I did not have time to take a look at the tent I borrowed before we left, so it took me a while to figure out how to do that on the fly in the dark.

We had each others’ company so we didn’t mind much that we missed our arrival goal, and the weekend was great. But when it comes to your business, lack of information can be much more costly. DDA specializes in helping you provide information for your existing and potential clients, and for your employees. Our training  and marketing videos demonstrate carefully developed content written by our in-house, degreed writers, which, combined with audio, narrationanimation, and illustrations, are an effective way to engage your audience. Whatever the subject, whether it’s corporate, medical, or musical, DDA’s CD-ROM/DVD and online video presentations will help you reach your destination as planned.