Everyone has deadlines to meet, whether it be personal or business. At DDA, we are a mixed bunch. Some work diligently and pace themselves in order to have the task completed on time. Others have limited time left before beginning a task and speedily complete their work. Regardless, if you are a designer, programmer, copywriter, videographer, photographer, or SEM Specialist, you have deadlines to meet. While neither of these practices is right or wrong, you have to think which approach would benefit you more on a case by case basis.

To retain clientèle, one must prove that they are worthy of their time. Meeting expectations and deadlines is one key way to do so. At DDA, we pride ourselves on the fact that we will do all that we can to meet each and every deadline regardless of the time given. If the requests are too tight, we will let the client know. We will never take on a project that we cannot complete on time. That is just not fair to the client.