Deciding It’s Time for a Change

I have always been a slave to time, everything in my life is scheduled down to the minute and my calendar is always full. Any “free time” that I  would come across was always used to do some necessary house cleaning, laundry, organizing or other boring task.  I have recently decided that I need to change my ways or I will be subject to this boring routine forever! Last weekend around noon, my fiance turned to me and said, “Want to take a ride down the shore?” In the midst of folding my third basket of laundry of the day, I laughed it off thinking, “Yeah right, we won’t be able to leave until one o’clock and we will get down there around 3 o’clock… then we will have to leave the same day and its all too much, we should have left this morning.”

Then I caught myself, being my old boring self… I dropped what I was doing, packed a bag for the shore and we left at 1 o’clock. The ride down was beautiful, we walked the boardwalk, played arcade games and by 11:30 we were carrying the three sleeping kids to their own beds. It felt fabulous!! As we are planning a week long vacation without the kids, I have vowed to do absolutely everything that comes our way. I will ride roller coasters that have previously left me paralyzed with fear, I will try any water sports that are available and I plan on having as much fun as is humanly possible!

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