Decisions, Decisions

I have to be the most undecided person that I know… besides my mother. Making a decision for me is never quick and easy. From what to wear (I usually change at least 3 times before leaving the house), to what I feel like eating (especially when it comes to dessert), to which website to optimize each day at DDA, a search engine marketing company. I usually go back and forth… and back and forth… and still second guess my final decision.

Of course, there are a few decisions that were no brainers – saying yes to a wedding proposal, saying yes to a weekend down the shore and definitely saying no to the kiosk workers at the mall who just want a minute of my time…

This week is the beginning of a new month, which means that I can pick and choose which websites to start optimizing from our SureThing Optimization Program. Although I do usually default to the old alphabetical order method for the most part, it is nice to know that I can work on a wedding cake software website that was designed by DDA (that sits patiently near the end of the alphabet) if I want to.

Once I decide on a website then another decision must be made, which optimization step should be implemented. I check though the status report, which is a running tally of past optimization, and then also scan through the website to make sure that all meta tags are in place and focused, search for any press releases that need to be submitted and so on.

I have noticed that I have gotten progressively better at this whole decision making thing (planning a wedding has helped… a lot!) When it comes down to making a decision about website optimization for my clients, the decision is all about what will enhance the existing website and what will achieve higher rankings for the website in the major search engines.

If you are looking for a website design or a search engine marketing company, it’s a no brainer! Choose DDA!