Digital Is Cool

One of the first self promotion pieces we did for DDA was titled “Digital Is Cool” which interestingly enough did not mean anything to most business people at the time. That was over a decade ago. Those that dared ask, “What does digital mean?” and there were very few such questions, did not seem to think it would impact the way they bought advertising and print services. How off the mark they were.

In those early days, it was just David and I doing what we could to get the business going. One of our target audiences were traditional commercial photographers. They, of all the business populations we approached were the most rigid. The resistance was constant. Digital photography would never work seemed to be their mantra. Well, fast forward to 2009 and look at how integral digital photography is to every photographer working with commercial and medical accounts.

It would be interesting to do a comparison between advertising and marketing agencies that were around a decade ago and today and see how the culture has changed. Is there a longing for the world pre digital? I doubt it. All aspects of what we do at DDA from email to creating designs for brochures and trade shows, to the interactive projects for medical companies like webcasts and elearning tools could not ever have become a reality before digital.

I cut my teeth in publishing. I know I would not want to go back to specing a catalog by word count, wondering whether 18 pt or 24 pt would be better for heads, wishing I could do something more exciting to showcase unusual images besides the traditional rectangle or square with caption underneath among other things. We were stuck in a box when I started in the business. Today by contrast is an exhilarating joyride for our creative staff. Check out our medical and corporate portfolios to see what I mean. There are some dynamite examples of websites with embedded video, fast forward trade show booths, and truly remarkable graphics as seen in The Carnival.