Digital Photography

I spent most of my weekend trying to organize old photographs in both digital and traditional formats. I was working on a PowerPoint slideshow and had to take old photos and scan them, work a little photo manipulation magic here and there, and then make them fit into the PowerPoint slide layout. It was much easier finding my digital photo prints and just clicking “Insert Photo”, but there were some old photos that were taken long before the thought of digital cameras that I wanted to include as well. And after several hours and a few choice words later… I am half way finished.

DDA was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania. We produce first class digital images with the latest equipment in digital technology. Whether you are in need of product photography, model photography, food photography, on-location photography or photo manipulation, DDA will provide you with an amazing end result. If needed, our photographers can come to your location for an on-location photo shoot, or you are welcome to come to our in-house digital studio as well.

Check out our digital photography portfolio, the food looks good enough to eat!