Digital Photography

Over the past few weeks, my husband and I have had around 1,000 professional pictures taken. I am a huge picture person so I love that there are so many to look at! And with all of the technology surrounding digital photography, I have three printed photo books just waiting to be delivered and looked through over and over again. The traditional wedding album is full of page after page of printed photos slipped into matted photo slots and over time, the photos can become discolored, faded or ripped (gasp!). Our albums are going to be pages of photos that are printed on each page just like a magazine! The pages are sturdier, but you catch my drift.

The great thing about digital photography is that the images are able to be used in other ways other than just sitting in an album. I was able to email my family members a link to view photos when we took a dip in the ocean while I was wearing my wedding dress, and with all of the online photo centers, I can create mugs, calendars or even coasters with our photos on them!

My next project will be choosing my absolute favorite image to have enlarged and printed to hang in our house. I love the thought of a large format graphic of us hanging for all to see, but I don’t think a trade show graphic sized image is necessary! I will go with the standard size for the wall.

Enough of my wedding photo ranting… DDA is a professional digital photography company (sorry, we don’t actually photograph weddings) that is able to turn your product photography, model photography or on-location photographed images into trade show graphics, billboards and more. Contact DDA today!