Disappointing Promotion

This past weekend, I went to dinner with my family at a relatively new restaurant in the Southampton area. My parents had been there once before prior to the restaurant’s grand opening and were let down when they did not have to two main items on the menu: reef shark and ostrich. So as we entered the restaurant, my parents knew what they wanted and were ready to order once we were seated. First, my brother ordered an appetizer of calamari and to our surprise they were sold out. So my family ordered some other seafood appetizers that I do not consume. But that was OK with me since my appetite has not been the same over the past 2 weeks.

When the waiter returned to take our meal order, my family quickly ordered reef shark and ostrich, only to be informed that the restaurant was sold out of both. So, everyone selected other options from the menu and we requested that the TV above our table be turned down as we could not hear each other, even if we did raise our voices. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed their meals and the TV never did get turned down.

Why would an up-and-coming business promote items that they cannot deliver? At DDA, what you see is what you get. We don’t advertise anything that we cannot offer. Whether you are in the market for website design and development, search engine marketing, custom programming, graphic design, copywriting, photography, video, webcasting, CD-ROM/DVD design, illustration, tradeshow display design and development, 3D modeling, or animation, DDA will be able to meet your needs.