Discerning Value

Do you recognize value in a service or product when you see it? David took my car to George’s shop which is a stone’s throw from our offices and literally tucked away on a side street. Since we discovered this gem of a shop, we have been giving George and his team all our work. They are so thorough, so honest and so inexpensive, it boggles the mind!

Back to my car. I thought, the front tire (driver’s side) had a nail because there was a very slow leak. Reasonable assumption. Turned out the valve was bad. Here comes the good part. Two suppliers told George, it would cost $200 to buy the part. Somehow, this did not sit well with him. He called a third supplier and got what needed for $20.00 plus. The whole bill came to $38.00 for parts and labor. Unheard of! Big thank you, George for how you care for your customers.

I would like to believe that while we can’t duplicate what George does at DDA, (we are not a car repair shop) we still provide the same principles to our services. We work hard to use clients budgets wisely and provide more than they asked for in terms of marketing know how and product development. Like George we are scrupulously honest and never promise something if we cannot deliver.

When new clients find us, most are surprised by the depth of our services and by the very custom approach we take to each project. Clients who understand how crucial good marketing, promotion and advertising is to their business know DDA is the choice for print work, for website design, for content development, for graphic design, for programming work.