DIY is Not Always the Best Approach

My boyfriend and I have a lot of friends who are in some phase of home remodeling, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or the entire house. Like us, the majority of our friends have opted for the DIY approach. In the case of one couple, their brand new kitchen is gorgeous and it only took a few months. A rarity in my opinion on the home improvement front, at least for a couple where neither of them is in the construction or carpentry business. My brother and father can both finish home projects in a matter of a few days, but they’re licensed contractors.

My point to all this is, no matter the project, inevitably somewhere along the line something comes up that requires a professional’s touch — laying granite, plumbing, chinking, and on and on. I’ve know personal examples of all of these and in some cases people chose to go the professional route and in others the DIY route. Having seen things done both ways, I’m going to say, without a doubt, that professional is the way to go.

Sure they’re things that are easily done on your own, which even if you made a mistake could be fixed, but then there are others that you really shouldn’t mess with. One wrong move in plumbing and you could have a flood on your hands and don’t even get me started on electric.

Marketing and advertising is a lot like this.  It’s one thing to write some content for your website or tape live video footage of an event or procedure; it’s another thing entirely to tackle your entire website design and development or video production project on your own. It may appear easy, but then you get into the little nuances, like search engine marketing (SEM), or animated special effects, and beforehand you know it you’ve spent all your time and resources and have little to show for it.

At DDA, we’re specialists in things others can’t do, like creating virtual medical simulations, comprehensive eLearning platforms, medical marketing, and even converting and developing websites to be iPad and iPhone friendly.

So, yeah, the DIY approach is good for many things, but it’s much smarter and more effective overall to recognize when you might getting in over your head, and call a professional before you get too deep.