Doing Search Naturally

These many years after terms like keywords, metatags, rankings on the major search engines, organic vs paid search, I’m amazed at how little so many business owners know about the phenomenon of SEARCH. My biggest question always is, why pay two to twenty more times for a keyword, when you can garner better results organically, and of course pay much less?

There is nothing mysterious about what a company needs to do to rank high, especially on GOOGLE. The website needs content. Having an old URL helps immensely, but diligent addition of relevant content should be a primary concern. After all, GOOGLE’S declared goal is to provide information and to make that information available and useful.

So whether your product or service catches GOOGLE’S attention depends entirely on how attentive you are to your website. Rich, relevant content, natural link building, basic and advanced optimization techniques and PATIENCE pays off every time with the major search engines.

In my mind, it is akin to gardening. You create a site, you register your URL, your webmaster works to improve GOOGLE’S opinion of your website, months later your site climbs out of the mysterious sandbox and you are on solid ground.

Not sure how to do all of this? Ask the optimization specialists at DDA. We have hundreds of very satisfied clients in our organic optimization program SureThing.