Don’t Reach Too Far

I have written about this many times before, but it bears repeating, in any marketing or advertising effort, it’s critical to know your target audience. If you’re unaware of the real issues, concerns, or problems facing the group of people you’re attempting to reach, then what you produce will appear disingenuous, forced, and miss the mark.

Any person undergoing treatment for a condition, illness, or disease, knows all too intimately the feelings and emotions attached to that type of event, so when it comes to medical marketing and healthcare communications, if you don’t know what it is they’re experiencing, the messages you’re communicating will appear phony.

At DDA Medical, a large part of the work we do, whether it’s video production, website design and development, custom programming applications, or search engine marketing (SEM), involves extensive research. Plus, with four in-house degreed medical writers on staff, who are practiced in writing for all audiences and have vast medical experience, you can be sure you’ll successfully connect with your target audience.