Don’t Stop Innovating

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes working at DDA, I’m left with my head spinning, wondering which way is up. The truth is, it’s not always easy being a full-service medical marketing, healthcare communication, and corporate advertising company and production house devoted to innovation and pioneering new technologies. See? Even that sentence was super long.

Lately, it seems we’re announcing a new division nearly every day, but the fact is, while we’re now putting attention on things like healthcare communications and virtual medical simulations, they’ve been a part of our core offerings for quite some time. The same goes for search engine marketing (SEM), medical marketing, video production, and custom programming. All of these divisions, in addition to the corporate site, featuring website design and development, graphic design, and marketing and branding, now have their own sites and special design, but they’re all part of the same mission — to provide every form of traditional and interactive marketing and advertising in house, under one roof.

That full-service philosophy has not changed from day one. Now, we’re venturing more into developing state-of-the-art medical education tools and corporate and medical training techniques, and are doing some really cutting-edge and revolutionary things, but it’s not because we’ve suddenly changed focus, it’s because we’re evolving. Our wide range of capabilities allows us to naturally venture into new areas that address a growing need and help companies everywhere exceed their goals.

This brings me nicely to our newest endeavor — Whether people realize it now or not, times are changing. No one knows what will happen in the future, but the fact remains that the iPad has already neared $1 million in sales and after the fallout between Adobe and Apple, all those lovely pieces of Flash you’re so proud of one your site, aren’t going to show up on the iPad. It’s either lose out on a chunk of your audience base, or catch the wave to the future. And who better to help you navigate choppy waters than DDA? We offer both conversion and redevelopment services in friendly and compatible programs.

So yeah, there’s a lot going on here. But what can I say? We’re in the business of technology and until that stops changing, we’re going to keep on evolving right along with it.