Double Checked Details

Over the weekend I spent a little over three hours addressing my wedding invitations.  Half way through this major task, I gasped when I realized that we forgot to include the directions. Luckily we did not seal the invitations so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. So there I was last night, unstuffing and restuffing all 150 invitations!

If only DDA was involved in my invitation project. Our project coordinators and designers have all bases covered in every aspect of a project. From content development to website layout and design, each project is looked over by the designer, proofread and rechecked before going to print or launching live on the Internet, and then sent for client approval.

Having over fourteen years of experience in website design, brochure and catalog design, medical marketing, and basically any other advertising or marketing service, DDA will provide your company with any project needed, and you can rest assured the details will be double checked!