Dreams of Being a Designer

After about two weeks of discomfort in my left ear, I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor.

Apparently, it is fairly common and they sent me on my way with a prescription for something that is supposed make everything return to normal. Usually when I take medication, the listed side effects do not affect me. Well, this time they are very apparent and disrupting everything.

Between the general discomfort, nervousness, and insomnia I have been all over the place. I cannot seem to sit still for long and I am easily distracted. Other than the exhausted feeling that comes and goes, the insomnia has proved to be beneficial. I have been spending my nights testing myself at what I remember of Photoshop 7. Yes, I know it is old and outdated but that is what I have at home. It is what was available when I was in college and had a much better knowledge of the program.

So far, I have put together 4×6 images that display messages like “Will You Be MyBridesmaid?” and “Will You Be My Maid of Honor?” While it is nothing to brag about, I am pleased with myself and the final outcome of the pieces. Once printed they will be framed and handed out accordingly.

As I have been spending my time testing my ancient Photoshop skills it has lead me to ponder what steered me away from continuing to educate myself. Everyday when I am here at DDA, I watch my emails for samples of the work that our designers put together. With their knowledge of Photoshop and illustrator, CS3 of course, they develop some of the most creative pieces.

And then I wish that was me, but I quickly come back to reality and accept that it was not me and that I must leave that work to the professionals.