Dreamweaver Disagreement with Website Optimization

Oh my dear Dreamweaver,

Where did we go wrong? We have so much history together; you were my first real program. Starting out so many years ago when neither of us knew how many websites I would be optimizing. I learned how to use all of your great tools for website optimization. From inserting focused keywords and descriptions to header tags and text navigation, you are a key part of me helping websites increase their rankings in the search engines.

Sure we had our disagreements, but who doesn’t? There were times that you had an unexpected error, sharing violation error or terminal error and quit on me. But I never quit on you. Did you see me ever go to another program? Did I ever look for other ways to implement optimization techniques without using you? No.

Maybe it was my fault, I became too dependent on you. I needed to use you everyday to optimize websites in the SureThing Optimization Program. I didn’t appreciate you enough to give you updates or new fonts. For that, I am sorry.

Maybe it’s because we see things differently. I see things they way they should display when viewed in a web browser. You see them three ways: code view, layout view and split-screen view. Your views were, at times, a little one-sided. You would display the website design one way and when I would check on it in Internet Explorer it just wasn’t the same. Not that I am choosing Internet Explorer over you, it’s just that things need to look a certain way sometimes. You constantly are leaving extra spaces and little bits of code lying around, I just can’t keep picking up after you.

I am eternally grateful for you help over these past 12 years. I hope that we can get through this and continue our website optimization together. Working for DDA, a search engine marketing company, it is inevitable that our website optimization program will continue to grow.

Your registered owner,

P.S. Can you please stop making me redefine my websites in the optimization program? I got your point the first time and now it’s just getting ridiculous.