Dreamweaver is an SEO Specialist’s Best Friend

As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at DDA, a search engine marketing company, Dreamweaver is always open on my computer. Dreamweaver is a combination of visual layout tools, application development features, and code editing support… everything I need for my website optimization on a daily basis. From editing meta tags to adding alternate text, this all encompassing program can handle it all. When I first started using Dreamweaver many, many years ago, I only knew how to do the basics. Over the years I have learned how to use several of the tools and even how to make changes in the code, of all things!!

Sure from time to time it will throw me a curveball and make me redefine all of my websites. Or give me the occasional “fatal error” and “this program is not responding” message. This usually happens when I have been working on a page for a while and right before I get to save my work. So with a few words mumbled under my breath and a click of the mouse, I continue on. This program has become my right-hand man when handling optimization of websites.

Forget diamonds (although they will never be turned down)… Dreamweaver is a search engine optimization specialist’s best friend!