Dust off the Scrubs – Time to be a Medical Website Spokesperson

When we first filmed the interactive flash video segments that are incorporated on DDAMedical.com, the video shoot consisted of Laurence being the Video Producer, Mick, the Director of Interactive Media, served as cue card holder and me, an SEO Specialist turned actress for a few days.

A few years ago, DDA Medical was considered to be the new division of Dynamic Digital Advertising. Since then we have added several new divisions including  DDA Video, DDA Apps, DDA CMT, DDA SEM and DDA USA.

Yesterday I was informed that I will be donning the scrubs once again for updated segments for the medical website.  I know that I had such a hard time getting through the first set of scripts that dealt with information for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and medical device manufacturers. I can only imagine how many retakes will be needed when describing all of the new services that DDA can provide for the healthcare industry. At least in the new office building the video studio has much more room and a teleprompter to help me with my lines.

Our medical services displayed in our medical portfolio include:

  • Medical Websites
  • Medical CME
  • Clinical Websites
  • Medical Website Programming & CRM
  • Medical CD-ROM/DVD
  • Live Streaming Medical Presentations
  • Medical Flash Flipbooks
  • Clinician/Patient Information Material
  • Medical Print Material
  • Medical Advertising
  • Medical Logos
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Medical TradeShow Booths
  • Medical Trade Show Videos
  • Medical Video/Animation
  • Medical Trade Show Graphics

With all of these topics to discuss, I am sure to get tongue tied at least once or twice!