Electricity Issues

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. It was the day of a lot of ice and yesterday I talked about how I chiseled the ice from my car and how the groundhog predicted an earlier Spring for once. Well a little bit later that day all of that ice decided to wreak havoc on our power lines. We lost power a little bit after 10. We called the electricity supplier and they said it would be back on at 12:30, so the boss treated us to a nice diner breakfast/lunch in the downtime. Then as we were finishing another call was made to see if the power was back on yet and this time the estimate said it wouldn’t be back on until 5:16. Not only is that a weird time to estimate, but it would also ruin the whole work day. So we went back to get our stuff and I left. I made it about 15 minutes away when I got a call to say that the power was back on and I could come back. I was stunned. What kind of estimate was 5:16 when it’s already back on at 12:15? Apparently some people were about to leave still when it popped back on, so the alert went out to the people that had already departed. I made it back and apparently about 10 seconds before I stepped in the building the power went out again. What!? I was stunned. A call to get a time estimate now just said to call back later and we just waited. A little bit before 1, the power came back on again and this time for good. The second half of the work day was salvaged. It was quite a roller coaster day of electric events, but we got through it eventually.

So DDA can be stopped apparently by one thing, the loss of electricity. Luckily the whole country basically runs on electricity, so if we aren’t working then basically nobody else is probably working either. That doesn’t mean the work won’t get done though. It will just be delayed until the power comes back on. Once that electric juice is flowing again, we are back to our Flash animation, video editing, digital photography, custom web design, custom programming, copywriting, search engine marketing (SEM), and everything else we do in the marketing and digital world. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you, but only when the electricity is on of course.