Everything Under One Roof

For the past two months I’ve shared groceries and meals with 4 other adults and 3 kids. We pooled a small amount of money — about 1/2 or 1/3 what I’d normally spend, and bought items that we all liked. I’d thought of organizing something like this for over a year, either with my coworkers or my neighbors, and I thought of joining a co-op, so it has been exciting to finally follow through on this idea, and now I have a real model to follow. It’s a better solution than I ever dreamed. I contributed far less money than I thought I’d need to, spent far less time shopping and far less time cooking. I’ve been eating 3 well-balanced meals each day with little thought put into it, and I’ve been eating far better quality food. Why don’t more people do this? I’m really not sure. In fact, I’m dying of curiosity to find out. I’ve heard many people complain about how hard it is to come home from work and then cook a meal, even with the help of someone else at home, how expensive food has become, and how hard it is to make time to eat healthily. Are most of us so conditioned to do what we’ve always done that we don’t grab onto better solutions? I think that is why I resisted trying it for over one year.

DDA follows a similar comprehensive and holistic structure. Because we’re all under one roof and sharing resources with each other, we’ve developed processes that allow us to increase our efficiency, accuracy, and quality of work.  DDA hasn’t followed the trend of outsourcing work, hiring freelancers, and downsizing. This is as good for clients as it is for employees. A streamlined process leaves energy to nurture creativity, and allows errors to be avoided or caught before it’s too late. We’re familiar with each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, clients get higher quality work at a lower price and shorter timeline. This also makes DDA very reliable. Friends of mine who have done a lot of contracting with people overseas, have expressed how inevitably there are more breakdowns in communication and availability, resulting in having to scramble to find other options when they least expect it. This doesn’t happen with DDA, so there is less stress both internally and for clients. This is why DDA was named “One of the Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S.” by Goldline Research. Click here to read about the award.