Excited about Optimization

Today I need to work twice as fast on my website optimization since I need to leave early to take my son to his Kindergarten orientation. He is so excited about seeing his new school, new teacher, new classroom, new desk and use his new backpack. It is so cute to see him so excited about the new school year.

I share the same type of excitement when a new website enrolls in our SureThing Optimization Program. Ok well maybe not as much excitement as my son, but still it is an exciting time. I get to see the website design and architecture that our graphic designers have worked so hard on, and start the optimization from the beginning. I have my usual routine for new clients, which includes adding their information to many spreadsheets, setting up traffic and status reports, sending an email welcoming them to the Optimization Program and more.

Since there are only a few days left in the month, I need to get back to being a search engine optimization specialist to finish up the work that is left on my plate before I switch gears and become Mom once again.