Expanding Storage

It seems like data storage is ever expanding due to the advances in technology and science.  I remember years ago getting our first PC, which was an Intel 486.  Its memory was only four megabytes about a thousand times less than current top-of-the-line PCs, the hard drive was around 400 megabytes smaller than a CD, and the processor was 50 MHz which is about twelve times slower than my phone’s processor. With the popularity of CD Burners in the late nineties, large amounts of data (700 MB) it has been easier to store/backup and more portable. Before that there were floppy drives which only held 1.44 Megabytes and then ZIP drives, which came about only a few years before CD burners.  One of problems with ZIP discs was the media never dropped like the price of CD media. After that data could be stored onto DVDs which holds 4.4 gigabytes per layer.  Now the latest technologies are HD-DVD, which holds 15 gigabytes per layer and BLU-Ray DVDS, which can hold up to 25 gigabytes per layer.  We at DDA are always getting the latest technologies to backup and archive our work, since the size of the content we produce grows with technology.