Expect the unexpected!… really?

The unexpected, the very utterance of the word brings feeling of dread and ominous uncertainty. It is usually used with unwelcome surprises, emergencies and unforeseen mishaps. But, it doesn’t always have to be. An unexpected phone call from a friend can fill your morning with joy not dread. Or how about “Bank error in your favor. Collect $200,” which in Monopoly is an unexpected pleasure, although in the real world it may land you in jail like this Pennsylvania couple.

So should you try to expect the unexpected? I say no. The sheer statement is ludicrous. As you read this, look up at the nearest door. Maybe they are there, lurking out of sight. Just maybe Cardinals Ximénez, Biggles and Fang are behind it just waiting to suddenly burst into the room and interrogate you. The point being if you’re not expecting it, then you cannot expect it.

So should I wander through life carefree you ask? No. You can prepare for the possible. Not unexpected events, but unlikely ones, which is one of the values we hold dear at DDA when it relates to our web servers and clients data. We have Specialized HIPAA-compliant servers especially for our medical clients. Not only that, but our non-medical server are kept to the same equal standards of safety and security. Not only do we have regular on-site backups but we also have two, yes two off-site backups with data in different secure physical locations. So even in the worse case scenario, your data is safe with DDA.