Expert Knowledge

My boyfriend is very much into the stock market. It’s something of a hobby for him and for a while he was committed to learning more by joining forums and chat groups, watching tutorials, and studying charts for hours at a time. However, whenever we’re in a group setting, he never confesses to his knowledge. He’ll just nod when someone mentions the stock market and will maybe add a bit of input but will never discuss his own experience. He claims it’s because his own portfolio is “in the toilet” right now and doesn’t feel he should be offering anyone any advice. Personally, I think it’s silly to hide such experience, especially since there are so many people who don’t even think twice about adding their two cents on a topic, even when they know little about it.

At DDA, we encounter a lot of people who fit the latter description to a T. Search engine marketing (SEM) firms, website design and development, video production houses, and more tout incredibly innovative, highly effective services, yet rarely deliver. At DDA, from the beginning we’re upfront  in what we can deliver and understand all of the issues involved in medical and corporate marketing, driving in targeted web traffic, and creating interactive, high quality marketing and advertising tools that work.

We don’t run around obnoxiously screaming about our abilities to anyone who will listen, but we certainly aren’t shy about educating the many potential clients who come to us. We’ll be quick to explain the advantages of a virtual medical simulation in eLearning platform development, why well-written content is important, and how to reach your entire target audience through iPad, iPhone, and Smartphone compatible development and Flash conversion services.

So stop listening to all of those so-called experts and turn to someone who has the real inside knowledge.